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Redemption Period means the Redemption Period, in which the owner of the domain name is still given the opportunity to extend the domain. However, the redemption fee is not the same as the normal cost of extension. It costs 10 times. This is in accordance with the provisions of the management of domain names that apply internationally.

Let's say you have a domain name usahasendiri.com and your domain expired on October 3, 2015. So we recommend that you renew your domain before the end date. The fee charged is a normal renewal fee. You are willing to pay when the domain provider origin before the validity period runs out. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly.

At this time the domain can not be renewed at all. After Pending Deletion expires, the domain will be re-enrolled and available to the public. Anyone can own the domain, so the term "whoever he can." You can not blame anyone when your domain is owned by someone else. Of course it would be very loss if your domain name is very beautiful or already famous. Your company branding will be broken.

The existence of the Redemption Period is intended to allow only the previous domain owner to extend the domain. Only he can, but after that can be owned by anyone! Therefore, once again, if your domain is good or famous do not be late to extend. Usually the system will send a warning long before your domain expired (1 month before expired). Soon to extend right away!

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